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We turn your organic waste into sustainable products.

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Middle Tennessee's only source for organic waste recycling services.

The Compost Company was founded with the mission to create a more sustainable future by removing organic waste from the solid waste stream, the benefits of which include reduced waste-disposal fees for waste generators, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and the highest quality organic soil and mulch products for farmers, gardeners and landscapers.

Are you a waste producer?

Let us take care of your organic waste and help you reach your sustainability goals.

  • Organic Waste Collection
  • Organic Waste Dropoff
  • Event Recycling Services
  • Collection Containers
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Are you a compost user?

Help your plants and gardens thrive with nutrient-rich soil amendment products.

  • Screened and Unscreened Compost
  • Mulch, Woodchips, and Soil Blends
  • Compost and Mulch Installation
  • Raised Bed Installation
  • Erosion Control
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Secret Blend

Our finest compost material and your secret weapon. A nutrient-rich blend of organic feedstocks aged to perfection, Secret Blend compost has no equal. There’s no better amendment for your soil.  $65/cubic yard

Premium Screened Compost

For incorporating into your existing soil or top-dressing your trees, shrubs, lawns and veggies, Premium Screened Compost has the natural, garden-feeding firepower to make it your best planting year ever. $50/cubic yard

Unscreened Compost

Our aged compost straight from the windrow. $35/cubic yard

Compost Topsoil Blend

Topsoil + Compost = happy plants. We combine high-quality topsoil with compost to create a perfect blend for raised beds, pots, or filling low spots in your yard. $60/cubic yard

Double Ground Natural Hardwood Mulch

All-natural hardwood mulch, aged and double-ground for top-quality color and texture. Free of dyes and chemicals so you know you’re treating your gardens and beds to the best. $20/cubic yard

Compost Mulch

Also known as, pardon our French, Bad A** Mulch. We blend our natural hardwood mulch with screened compost for a mulch unlike any other. It’s mulch with a nutrient kick. $45/cubic yard

Bagged Compost

Any of our products are available in 1 and 2 cubic foot burlap bags. Please call for ahead for pricing and to schedule delivery or pickup. 

Compost Tea

If you like our compost you will love our Compost Tea. We use all of our compost products as the basis for our teas, then add in additional ingredients to create an active “Living Tea” to give your plants the nutritional and microbial boost they need to thrive. Please call ahead for pricing and availability.

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About Us

Edward Wansing
Founder & COO

     Mr. Wansing holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State University and a Master of Science in Sustainability from Lipscomb University. He is a licensed Architect in the State of Tennessee. Ed is a LEED Accredited Professional and has been a leader of the Green Building and Sustainability movement in Middle Tennessee for over 10 years. He served as Chair of the Emerging Professionals National Committee and the Middle Tennessee US Green Building Council. He has served on many other boards and committees including Cheatham County Habitat for Humanity and the Friends of the Cheatham County Bicentennial Trail. Ed and his wife Carly have been recognized for their work in the Green Building Industry, for their contributions to the community and for their energy efficiency and sustainability achievements at their home.

Clay Ezell

     Clay Ezell is a certified Master Composter, a USCC-Certified Site Operator and graduate of New York’s EarthMatter training program, where he took part in the NYC Local Organics Recovery Project, processing organic waste from the five boroughs of New York City for use in local parks. He is a member of the US Composting Council, the Tennessee Environmental Council and the Cumberland River Compact. Clay is a native Nashvillian who, in addition to being happy to be home, is dedicated to helping realize the dream of making Nashville the Greenest city in the Southeast. He is an active volunteer with Publicolor and the American Chestnut Foundation, and serves on the board of Tennessee Conservation Voters.  

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